James Anthony Yammouni was born Febuary 27th 1996. He is part of the popular internet group JANOSKIANS alongside with his best friends Jai, Luke, Beau and Daniel. James is Lebanese and can speak Lebanese/Arabic . He went to Penola Catholic College. The rest of the boys agree that he is the most romantic of the group. James is also the tallest in the group. He recently left The Janoskains to be with family and focus on his DJing. He Is married to Ashleigh Jenny Warrington, (search on Facebook)


Facts instagram @thejanoskians


  • James is the youngest member of the Janoskians
  • He is the tallest in the group 
  • He is closer to Luke than Jai
  • He is Lebanese/Australian
  • He loves One Direction
  • He has a crush on actor Ashleigh Warrington
  • James has a V tattoo on his wrist
  • He has a dimple piercing and tragus and cartlidge peircing 
  • He has a fear of being strangled whilst bathing
  • James prefers brunnetes
  • He enjoys doing homework
  • His favorite colors are blue and green
  • James can speak Lebanese/Arabic
  • James looks for a girl who is confident, has a great personality and respects her self 
  • James preferes the cinnamon challenge rather than the rainbow milk challange 
  • He wants Louis (from One Direction)
  • It is hard to shut James up once he starts talking 
  • He goes for Carlton 
  • James has two sisters; Nicole and Rita 
  • James and Luke pretend to be in a relationship, mostly on twitter and instagram
  • he is 19 born on feb 27 1996

will forever love Ashleigh he is a babe and we all love him xD