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Luke Anthony Mark Brooks was born on the 3rd of May 1995,

two minutes before Jai. Luke was born in Melbourne,

Australia with his twin brother Jai, his elder brother Beau and his

mother Gina although he lives in LA now. Luke dropped out of high

school to focus on the group more. The Youtube group do funny pranks,

dares, challenges and mockumentries.

There is a very good fandom page based on Luke on Instagram and the name is @orgasumluke

Luke's Twitter is @Luke_Brooks

Luke's Instagram is @LukeBrooksOfficial


His favorite color is Blue.

He is older than Jai by 2 minutes.

Luke edits most of the JANOSKIANS videos.

Luke plays the guitar and is getting pretty good at it.

Luke is a photographer and has an Instagram account for his pictures; @lukepov

Luke has "anger issues".

Luke and James are in a fake relationship; mostly on twitter.

Luke wins a majority of the dare Sunday videos.

He wants to become a singer.

He is 5'7 feet tall.

He is super hot.

He is just the best.

He shaved his hair.

He is the best person ever.

he is the sex freak of the group 

instagram @poooooop